13 Julai 2010

Same old story

one day you will understand just what they do to you,

and then when you see the light you `ll know just what to do,

coz all the years of suffering and all the broken hearts,

will be remembered when the revolution starts.

when i was young

Just punks on alcohol, i drunk too much again

My mindless violence was the cause of all their pain

there`s no excuses for the damage that i done

it could`ve gone too far, i could`ve killed someone

And now i realise, the errors of my youth

i`ve left that life behind coz now i know the truth

My eyes are open now and i will only fight

If i can justify that what i do is right

It aint right down say

Nobody listens when you got something to say

they just ignore you and hope you go away

so you shout louder, you start to fight

and then they worry coz they know that it aint right

They put you down say your talking too loud

they put you down coz you stand out in the crowd

but you don`t care, you got something to say

And you won`t let the bastards stand in your way
-the oppressed-

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