16 November 2011

My Article: Jais: Shi'i adherents not scared of ISA

BBC Monitoring International Reports
Text of report in English by Malaysian independent website Malaysiakini, owned by Mkinin Dotcom, on 28 December
[Report by Fadzly Esa: "Jais: Shi'i adherents not scared of ISA"]
Selangor Islamic Authority (Jais) deputy director of enforcement Mohamad Rais Rasid said that the use of the Internal Security Act had failed to deter the Shi'i sect's activities.
"Some of them were arrested under the ISA, and yet they are still active," he said.
Mohamad Rais (right) added that the Islamic authorities will nevertheless continue to monitor and take action against the group it labelled as deviant even though it may not be able to stamp it out completely. …

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