16 November 2011

My Article: Foreign Shi'is can practice, but can't propagate

BBC Monitoring International Reports

Text of report in English by Malaysian independent website Malaysiakini, owned by Mkinin Dotcom, on 24 December
[Report by Fadzly Esa: "Foreign Shi'is can practice, but can't propagate"]
Although Shi'i Islam has been declared a deviant teaching by way of a fatwa in Selangor, foreigners who stay or are visiting the state are still allowed to practice it, provided they do not propagate it to Malaysians.
Senior assistant director of management and enforcement of the Selangor Islamic Department (Jais) Mohamad Rais Rasid said this exception was made, especially for foreign tourists, as Shi'i teachings formed the main Islamic school of thought in their countries …

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